Mature Mamas

Dianne“I have now lost 40 kilos (88 pounds) on your eating plan. I was under dieticians and more specialists than you've had hot dinners, trying to work out why I was so sick. Food was my enemy and I had come to a point where I did not want to eat anymore. Yet the weight went on and on and on and my health declined. I was dying.

It was NOT until I changed to your diet that my fatty liver, irritable bowel & Fibromyalgia improved out of sight. And the weight loss was nothing short of miraculous. After 15 YEARS of being VERY ill I now have a new lease on life. I praise God for your book and the insights it contains. I have recommended Trim Healthy Mama to many young Christian women as I believe it is a Health book for life based on the truths in the scriptures. Not everyone is easy to convince but my weight loss is speaking to many. After all, it's supposed to be harder to lose weight when you get older. At 66 and having now lost 40 kilos - no one can say that to me ha ha! I have actually lost another 10 kilos (more than twenty pounds) since this last photo but don't have an updated photo at present.

I have found my love of cooking again and am enjoying food for the first time in fifteen years. I love the eating plan. The recipes are amazing and so easy. My food bill is definitely down as I am not buying the expensive specialty foods that dietitians had me on before. I love eggs and was blown away to find I can have a couple a day. My generation was brought up to believe that too many eggs was bad for us as was butter and cream.

Your book and the information contained therein is an answer to prayer for me and part of God's miracle of healing in my life. Thank you and may God continue to richly bless you all the days of your lives.” – Dianne

1Shanelle“I’ll be 51 in a couple of weeks. Everyone should feel this good at 51! When I started my Trim Healthy Mama Journey, I asked my husband to tell me “when”. He just did! 28 pounds are gone. My hubs just told me I’m getting skinny, time for some crossovers! So I’m crossing over and never looking back! I'm no longer feeling used up. I now say, “Round two, what can I do for you Lord?”

With celiac disease in our family we were very restricted about what we could eat and I had to make everything from scratch. I’m a hair shy of 5 ft 10 so while it may not have looked as noticeable, I needed to shed pounds that had accumulated around my middle but I didn’t want to be hungry on top of the restrictions I already had. I had tried and HATED the whole point counting thing, plus I was HUNGRY! Always counting, adding subtracting and feeling so restricted – not for me. I also tried an intense exercise plan but realized I was NOT going to work out 6 days a week for 20-45 minutes for the rest of my life. Again... not sustainable. I’d tried low carb, lost weight then piled it all back on again.

With Trim Healthy Mama I feel good and have energy. This eating style is wonderful with so many options NOT using or calling for gluten! I’m NOT hungry, not craving, get to enjoy making all kinds of yummy foods (my hubby loves the good food) have lots of energy, menstrual cycles are no longer a nightmare, sleeping great, no PMS, energy to spare-AND can still have wonderful nummies! Where's the downside?

I want to thank Pearl and Serene both for giving us all 5 years of hard work and research. Finally eating that makes perfect sense!” – Shanelle

1marlene website“I was dreading this day....turning 50. I began my THM journey on April 5th. I made a few goals in the beginning. The 3rd goal was to lose 50 by my 50th birthday, which was just six months away at the time. It happened!!

 I am so very, very thankful to Pearl and Serene for listening to God's prompting and writing this book. I have been trying to lose weight, it seems, my whole adult life. Lose some, gain it back, and more! Finally, I know that this plan is something that is forever! It's now a way of life.

I feel my bondage to food is broken, God has given me freedom again!! I'm wearing a size now that I haven't worn since before my youngest was born, more than 23 years ago! So thankful! Now my 79 year old Mom and our 27 year old daughter have begun THM as well and are having great success.

This is to encourage all the 50 something's out there, you can do this!! It works! The pic on the left is at our youngest son's wedding last August, unfortunately I got a little bigger after that. The one on the right was taken of me October 5th with my handsome husband of 31 years is exactly 6 months after beginning THM. 50 lbs gone, another 25 or so to get to my goal. It will happen. God is good!!!” - Marlene

1(Our) Cindy updatedI don't know how to even talk about what THM has meant to me without weeping.

I hope this will inspire others.
I’m 60 years old.
Post menopausal.
I really thought I was just going to stay chubby for the rest of my life.
Stuck in size 14's, but longingly glancing at those size 6's hanging on the thrift store racks...
I am a work in progress.
And those are size 6 jeans I am wearing!

It can be done. And I'm doin' it. I started THM July 22, 2013.


Before...and after photos.

Before...about 150#


Total loss thus far…38#.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
No turnin' back.
I am a lifer.”

- Cindy

1Theresa“Tomorrow is my birthday...I will be 60! I should be depressed but I gave myself a present. A little book called Trim Healthy Mama. Dec 1. Down 25 lbs not finished yet. Happy Birthday to me!” - Theresa