More To Lose Mamas

Rebecca D.“I've been overweight since high school. I put on more weight once I started working desk jobs after graduation, and though I never gained a huge amount during my pregnancies, I certainly gained between them, gradually exceeding 340 pounds which is pretty much where I was for 11 years after the birth of my last child. Last July, God got my attention while I was sitting in on one of my hubby's medical appointments. He is an incomplete quadriplegic and although I've always had the head knowledge that he would require my help quite a bit as he got older, I sat there and just knew that if I didn't get healthy, I wouldn't be able to take care of him. I couldn't even walk up the driveway from the mailbox without getting out of breath. 

I did start losing weight on my own, but became intrigued with Trim Healthy Mama after a young lady we knew brought her copy to church. A lot of what Pearl and Serene were suggesting in their book lined up with what I had been doing, and achieving success with, so I felt like this way of life was much more sound than most everything else I had seen. I had managed to lose 50 pounds from mid-July through November, which was when I got my copy of THM. Since implementing THM in December, I've lost another 67 pounds, bringing my total loss to 117 pounds!!! My total inches lost = 42; that's 3 1/2 feet! In addition to all that, my BMI has dropped from 54 to 36. I am no longer morbidly obese!

I feel so much better. I can't even explain how much, because I didn't realize how bad I felt on a regular basis until I started to get healthier. It's amazing. I have so much more energy, and I can not only walk up my drive, but I can walk all over my neighborhood, which was designed by people who must have some aversion to bulldozers - it's hilly. 

As a bonus, my middle daughter and I have spent some quality time together, as she has become my workout and walking buddy; never complaining even if I couldn't walk very far, or had to cut a workout short.

I may still have quite a few pounds to lose, but THM has made this process so much easier. Where I was struggling before, I'm not anymore. The ability to eat dessert (or have dessert, ahem - secret agent brownie cake, for breakfast) has made eating enjoyable again, instead of something to be constantly worried about, or depriving myself of delicious food. I also appreciate all the information on exercise. I really like being able to make my workouts shorter, but more productive. 

Because of my success, my hubby, and most of my daughters have also started working THM into their lives as a way to improve, or maintain their health. 

Pearl and Serene - Thank you so much for all you have done to bring this book to those of us who desperately needed to understand how our bodies work in order to get healthy again” – Rebecca

Jennifer G"Just sharing some progress. I am down at least 75 pounds. I've not weighed in for two weeks so maybe more! I love Trim Healthy Mama!!! You can do it girls! I have been doing it with my husband and he has lost weight too. 

I have a ways to go but, feeling better already. I don't feel deprived at all. I am doing this for the Lord, my health and my family.

I have been on Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Physicians Plus and so many more different diets since I was a kid! I was worn out from trying and failing. I would just gain more each time I quit. With high sugar levels and infertility I know God led me straight to the Trim Healthy Mama book. My eyes were opened when I read about what I was doing to myself with sugar. I was so sad at what was going on in my body. I have hope now. Thank you Serene and Pearl all for your research and the Lord for working in me."   – Jennifer G

Jenn R“Left to right: 240, 190, 175, 160. Yes that makes 80 pounds gone. Thanks be to Jesus alone! This reflects 7 months of me being on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. 31.5 pounds left to go.

I've been struggling with my weight since I was 18. I've been on weight watchers, counted calories and done diet pills. Before my son was born I knew I wanted to lose weight right out of the gate this time, I had tried to previously lose weight while nursing and had lost my milk in the past. This time I thought I would be careful and count calories. My son was born in November 2012 and by January I had gained 7 pounds on top of the weight I had gained from the pregnancy. I was so frustrated to know that I was gaining weight when all I wanted to do was lose it. And to top it off I was starving and frustrated at what I couldn't eat. The calorie restriction kept making me want to binge.

I prayed and He answered. Thank you to my husband for his encouragement and the women who told me about Trim Healthy Mama. When I first got the book I read all the "necessary" chapters to get started in the first day! Within about 3 weeks I had the whole plan memorized! It was so easy. There was no calorie counting. (With 6 kids ages 9 and under including a newborn I did not have time to calorie count).

I am always full now! I get to eat as much as I want (within reason) and the best part? My baby just thrived! But what thrills me most is that this is a lifetime plan. I can do it while I'm pregnant, I can do it while I'm nursing. I can do this plan when I'm 50. I don't ever have to be afraid of putting the weight on again because when I'm done losing weight (praise the Lord that day is coming!) I can do this plan when I'm at my goal, forever! Lol. That's something I couldn't fathom with calorie counting. All I wanted to do was stop calorie counting but with Trim Healthy Mama it's just a matter of not eating certain foods together, eating whole foods and avoiding sugar. I can do that!! So can you!!

I'm praying for everyone reading this today that you too may be blessed with so much success!” – Jenn R

1Sarah B“Here is my progress of 1 year & 1 month!! A little about me - before Trim Healthy Mama I cared deeply about healthy foods for my family. I actually love to research herbs and spices etc as my hobby! I had cut out corn syrup, dyes, preservatives etc. and have been called homemade Sarah on more than one occasion because I love to cook from scratch!!

The problem was that I was not losing on this healthy quest and I was tipping the scale very close to 300lbs! When I saw THM advertised, I ordered right away and loved every minute reading this precious book. Trim Healthy Mama was the answer to health & trim waist line. They put it all together for a healthier you!

I have lost 104 lbs. Even though the scale hasn't budged for 2 weeks at a time, I am in a whole new jean size! Sometimes the scale only shows a small amount of changes when you are on this THM road! So girls do not let that scale bring you down!!!!! I love, LOVE THM and apply what I have learned for my family. One of my FAVORITE things since the loss is my hubby throwing me up in the air.” - Sara B