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1PCOS - diabetes - medical -Jennifer“Several months ago, near the end of last year, I was in the shower. I was tired, worn out, with NO energy, I was in pain, I was way overweight, I was frustrated and to top it off I was in a BAD mood! I remember the thoughts that were running through my mind. I literally thought to myself, well, I'm 38 years old, I just AIN'T what I used to be. I'm never going to feel any better than this, after all, I'm almost 40.

Now, I can't believe I was ready to except that! I CAN NOT believe I was gonna go down like that! But I had a lot of issues that make losing weight very hard. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mid 20's and have struggled with my weight ALL my life. I also had hypothyroidism, was on medication for blood pressure and had a major case of insulin resistance. I literally had doctors tell me that with all of my issues it would be next to impossible for me to lose weight. I had tried EVERYTHING - Weight Watchers, Atkins, byetta (msp) shots, super restricted calories, fat free...the list goes on and on! . I spent an entire year walking 4 miles a day followed by about 6 months of running 1 mile to my local Curves, working out and then running home with little results.

I put the book on my Christmas list and my husband obliged me. I STILL can't believe it works for ME! THM has been the key for me that has unlocked the door that has held me captive for so long. While I’m not at my goal weight yet, I’ve gone from a size 1x to petite medium. I no longer need my blood pressure medication. I'm overjoyed, I'm overwhelmed and I'm sharing it with anyone and everyone who will listen! Check out my album of THM recipe pictures on the fan page.

I FEEL better than I have since my early 20's, since before I starting having babies and let myself go. If you're reading this and you're thinking about committing, DO IT! If you've considered giving up, DON'T! Do it for yourself, do it for your husband, do it for your kids, do it for your testimony. Just do it!” – Jennifer M

1website liz“I have PCOS, Hypothyroidism, and Inflammatory Arthritis. My team of MD's have told me that I just needed to "accept" that part of my medical condition was obesity and that I needed to understand that I would gain additional weight. Still I hated that I felt uncomfortable in my own skin… ugly, embarrassed, and undesirable.

I kept saying to them, "But isn't this additional weight just making these conditions harder to control?"

To which my MD's always shrugged and said, "Yes but we have never found anything that actually works in patients with multiple 'comorbid' conditions."

I tried every diet out there (Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, South Beach, Medifast, + a few others) While I did lose a marginal amount of weight on all of them, I always gained it back, typically within 30 day of stopping the diet. Each day of dieting felt like agony.

I spent my dieting days frustrated and annoyed with the diet I was on, with myself for needing a diet, and with everyone around me just because they were in the way of a grumpy, hungry me. If I was on low carb all I could think about was eating an apple. When I was on the vegan diet all I could think about was a hamburger. I was hungry all the time and constantly just craving, craving, craving.

I was searching for a help when I was reminded of Trim Healthy Mama. I ordered the E-book immediately and that started my THM journey. It was complicated in the beginning and my first month was really tough as I cleared sugar out of my system. After I got past those first 30 days, things began falling into place and cooking became so much easier.

I have lost 70 pounds since May 1, 2013 when I started. That is more than my 3 youngest kids weigh together! My team of MD's are astounded and are now asking me for advice. My high blood pressure has disappeared. My high cholesterol is gone. My medical condition isn't perfect, but it is vastly improved and I no longer feel uncomfortable being me.

For the first time in my life I actually know what to do with food. I know how to combine foods for weight loss, weight maintenance, or even weight gain. Food is no longer a great mystery that beats me down every day. It is not the enemy. I can eat and be satisfied. I am no longer ruled by cravings because I am eating from every food group. I can have that apple or hamburger. I just have to follow a few simple rules.

The first picture is me and my youngest daughter the week before we started THM. The second picture is us today. I say "we" because she is 100% breastfed and has had no introduction of solid food, bottles, or pacifiers. In addition I am pumping for 2 other babies. As you can see she is doing amazing. My milk supply has continued to be robust on THM. In the past I have given up on diets because of the detrimental effect of them on my milk supply. I just want all of you to know that it is possible to lose weight, eat amazing food, and still nurse those precious ones!” – Liz

1PicMonkey Collage rose“This was my reality August 4th, 2013. I wish I had a better before picture but I've been pretty camera shy for a long time. I had chronic joint pain and inflammation and hypertension. I would get winded just walking to the mailbox. I was miserable.

I started THM on October 21st. I've been on plan 11 weeks as of today. The number on the scale isn't the only reason I'm happy though. I am pain free. The swelling in my ankles and knees ...completely gone! I no longer need blood pressure medication. I have energy and I can run with my kids again. This is the best decision I've ever made to improve my health. I am so thankful for THM. God is good!” - Rose


1Andrea S.“Well, today is the day! Today is my one year anniversary for eating the THM way. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to Pearl and Serene for giving me the tools to lose weight and regain my health after 12+ years of trying and utterly failing.

Despite my best efforts, the scale, and my size, crept up and up. In April of 2010, my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic, had PCOS and insulin resistance, and my blood pressure was creeping up along with my weight. She told me that I needed to change how I was eating and to add more proteins and good fats, while lowering my carbs. I tried, I really did. I even bought a low-glycemic cookbook. I lost a few pounds, but I didn't have enough knowledge to really know how to implement a way of eating that kept inflammation down and insulin levels very stable.

Since I was a food purist to the core, I was grinding my own organic wheat, making sourdough bread, and proudly purchasing my local 5-gallon bucket of honey. The very few pounds I lost immediately piled back on, plus more. I felt so hopeless and didn't know how I could eat any healthier - we made almost 100% of our meals from scratch! This is the state I was in by April of 2011, when I found a lump in my breast, at the age of 32.

I was soon diagnosed with breast cancer… a type that is extremely aggressive and deadly. Two of the top three risk factors are metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance and being overweight. I qualified for BOTH!

I went on a strict vegan/juicing diet but ended up adding chemo, surgery, and radiation a few months later, as the natural therapies weren't enough to stop the cancer. I lost about 35 pounds while eating the Gerson Therapy way and could definitely feel an improvement in my overall health. But, much to my dismay, a year later, the scale started to go up again and I just felt puffy. “PLEASE NO”, I thought!! Right around that time, Trim Healthy Mama was published. I ordered the book as soon as I could and started right away. Oh what a gift from God and answer to prayer!!!

I have lost 26 pounds in the last year and am at my original goal weight. I have recently decided I would like to lose another 9 pounds. But, I am beyond, beyond grateful for where I am today. I am smaller than our 14 year old son has ever seen me! I feel pretty for my husband, rather than embarrassed, for the first time in 12+ years. Pearl and Serene have given me the tools to still eat in my own purist way, but a way that is gentle and kind to my blood sugar and to my waistline. My weight loss has been much slower than many ladies doing THM, but I am just grateful for each step that my body takes in overall health. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!” - Andrea