Pregnant & Nursing Mamas

Sarah O“The first picture with me standing on the porch was my 3rd pregnancy. That was typical for me as I usually gain between 40 and 50 pounds. The recent picture is of me pregnant with my ninth baby at 32 weeks. Thanks to Trim Healthy Mama I gained a total of 18 pounds for the pregnancy and now at 4 weeks postpartum have only 5 pounds to lose! She was born 15 August 7 lb. 4 oz., which is pretty typical for my babies and she is doing very well.

I am feeling wonderful! I've been so blessed and encouraged by Pearl and Serene! I’m so thankful for all of the work they put into writing the book and figuring out the whole eating thing. When I became pregnant with this last one I thought, "What am I going to do now?" I still hadn't been able to lose my last 10 pounds from the last one. After discussing it with my husband, he bought the book for my birthday at the beginning of January. We are both so thankful for that decision!

I am just so excited. I hope I can encourage other women to press on and change their lifestyle! It is so worth it!!” – Sarah O

1Amanda“Hello lovely ladies! I started THM January 8th a year ago. I reached my goal weight after losing 35 pounds then we became pregnant with our 4th little blessing. I followed THM through the pregnancy and gained 17 pounds. The first picture was taken right before my due date. I seriously cannot believe how great I felt throughout the entire pregnancy!!

Our little boy Luke was born on January 28th after only 3 hours of labor. He weighed 9.1 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long. I really thought he would have weighed less with me only gaining 17 pounds. I told my husband it was from all the wonderful coconut oil and Skinny Chocolate . Luke is 11 days old and I am down to my pre pregnancy weight. I just wanted to share this with you guys. I had a beautiful pregnancy without a lot of the problems and aches and pains I had with prior pregnancies! The biggest difference was having no sciatic back pain that I had with all other pregnancies from early on.” - Amanda

1Julia2"In case you are needing that extra push to get started, take a look at how THM has helped me. In the first pic, I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second child and had gained about 45 lbs. Don't let the smile fool you.. I was BEYOND miserable! My legs and feet were so swollen and I had zero energy to keep up with my 18 month old.

The second picture is current. I am 38 weeks pregnant with our third child and have only gained 22 lbs. Not only that, since starting THM, I've had very little swelling and my energy levels have been incredible compared to my previous pregnancies.

It has been amazing! I never feel deprived or starved! And my doctor and dietician have been amazed at how well I have controlled my sugar levels without insulin. Of course, I gave THM all the credit! If I can do this while pregnant with gestational diabetes, anyone can! Best wishes!" -Julia

Heather“The pic of me with the baby was taken today. I first looked at it and thought "who is holding my baby?" I then realized it was me. I have seen a difference, but with this picture I see a BIG difference! And yes that is a THM chunky breast fed boy! I gave that shirt away (in the first picture) not too long ago cause I was swimming in it. It was a shirt I used to wear all the time.

About 6 months on THM and I am down about 40 pounds. I think I have 10-15 to go. I have been eating lots of crossovers the last month to get my milk supply up to donate milk to a baby that needs it plus still nurse my little man so haven’t lost any weight in the last month but I intend to go back to the core plan soon.

Quick recap of my story: I have only tried 3 ways of losing weight. I have counted points, and was starving the entire time, counted calories, and tried skipping meals. Of course none of those worked long term. I needed something that I could do with my family, not a new way to divide the family. I saw the Trim Healthy Mama book online and decided to look into it more. When I read that meals were quick, easy, and for the whole family I bought the book. I got the kindle version because I’m an instant gratification type of person. The next day we began eating THM.

We made several mistakes and learned as we went. When we accidentally ate something that was not on plan we just laughed and said “Oh well, we will do better next time.” My husband and I began to notice a difference in the first week. My husband’s heart burn began to go away. I am now able to get up in the morning without dragging myself out of bed. I hit the ground running each day. By the 3rd week, I noticed going up and down the stairs didn’t hurt anymore. My hip stopped giving out. The health benefits were stacking up.

I do have one child with low muscle tone due to a birth defect. Without trying she slimmed down quite a bit. Then an amazing thing began to happen with her. On days that we had more S meals than not, her focus began to get better. The other day I looked back and realized that she has not had a seizure in 3 months. There has not been a time in the last 3 months that she has come to me telling me that she feels like she is going to have a seizure. She is sleeping better and her anxiety that has plagued her for so long is diminishing, slowly, but it is getting better day by day.” - Heather