Trim Healthy Family

1Rachel and daughters“My daughters and I have lost 140 pounds!!! I learned about Trim Healthy Mama through my daughter, Sarah who has now dropped more than 70 pounds thanks to THM. Seeing her transform inspired me to start! My other daughter Jessica and I have joined her and I thought you would like to see our results too. I Love doing this with my daughters. We talk about this new way of life… we laugh and encourage one another. We have so much fun! We’re all a lot happier!

I am 46 and have been dealing with thyroid and menopause issues. I COULDN'T LOSE A POUND TO SAVE MY LIFE! Thought I was eating healthy but felt constantly bloated. I started THM in March. Now I’m not bloated and I have more energy. My night sweats are so much better.

I work in the hospital and they always tell you how to eat. I used to eat whole grain cereal every morning. I was a cereal fanatic! I was eating what I was told to but never ever felt good. I thought I was eating healthy with a lot of whole wheat, Yoplait yogurt, skim milk... a lot of fat free everything... diet pop... never felt good. I was always bloated and had digestive issues. My cholesterol numbers and scale were constantly climbing! Oh My! How depressing!

My daughters and I love sharing our new THM favorites and cooking together. We are on a new healthy journey. I love the shake recipes in the book. My favorite is the Coffee version of the Fat Stripping Frappa. I take it to work every morning. My favorite snacks are the Wasa Crackers with light laughing cow cheese and turkey lunch meat. My favorite dinner is the Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir fry recipe because I love Chinese food.

THM has been a life changer. It’s not just the pounds, its hope for a new way of living. It feels like I am 5 years younger! I love this wisdom. I’m so thankful! I feel like I'm getting healthier while the numbers are going down! Still have more to go but I feel good about myself now! A lot of people I work with see a difference and a few have bought the book and more want to!

My husband can't stop staring at me, he has lost weight too. He gives me so many compliments on my journey. He encourages me too! And loves the food… Ha!” – Rachel

1Misty“Hi ladies! Just thought I'd try to be a little encouraging this morning. I have PCOS and have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of these pounds.

I started THM about 6 months ago, knowing it was an answer to prayer. I feel so much better and I actually have cycles now, without medication!

I have attached my before and during photos.

They are almost exactly a year apart. I will tell you, not to sound dramatic, but this time last year, I wasn't sure I'd be alive this year. I felt horrible and battled illness after illness.

I have never felt better in my life and am so thankful to Serene, Pearl and all of the encouraging sisters I have here in the THM community. I have lost 50lbs. I couldn't see it until yesterday when the new family picture came across my timeline. My hubby is down 30lbs and has been loosely following the plan since July. Thank you for reading this far. You CAN do it! Take pictures ladies!!!” – Misty


1Melissa“Last year in January 2012 I saw a photo of myself that m...ade me cringe. It was taken on a family trip to Disney World. I was shocked to discover that I was the same weight as when I had gained 64 pounds while pregnant with my first child! I went to Weight Watchers and struggled over the next four months to lose 18 pounds. I would even go to bed early because I was so hungry! I could not get past that 18-pound mark and eventually half that weight returned.

I thought I was feeding my family healthier according to typical nutritional standards and while my husband and middle daughter have great metabolisms, my oldest daughter Kelsey and youngest daughters were already struggling with excess weight. I felt like I was failing them as their mom!

In March of this year, I saw a friend of a friend post a photo on Facebook of her testimony with Trim Healthy Mama. I was intrigued after checking out the Facebook page so I ordered the book and started as soon as I could grasp the basics. Kelsey and I followed the eating plan about 90% of the time. In the early months, she would text me constantly asking what she could eat when she was at school! The rest of my family benefited from me no longer purchasing what I used to think were healthy snacks (pretzels, cereal bars and “low fat” ice cream). The first recipe I made them from the book was a huge hit – Eggplant Lasagna.

I work full-time and am finishing my BA (two classes left…yay!) and with three very active daughters, I must admit that finding the time to shop and prepare meals, along with exercising was, and still is, a challenge. But if I can do it, anyone can do it!
I was encouraged the first few weeks because I started noticing that my size 14 clothes didn’t feel tight anymore, then some of my old 12’s started to fit and then those 12’s started to be loose! I am now in a size 10 and some of those are starting to get baggy, too. Kelsey lost 25 pounds and went from a juniors size 13/14 to a 5/6! She lived off the Chocolate version of the Muffin In A Mug recipe from the book the first four months for breakfast!

Not only have Kelsey and I lost a significant amount of weight, but my youngest daughter and my husband have also lost around ten pounds also. We all feel more energized and I feel like I have given my family the tools they need to grow into healthier adults. In fact, only one of us has gotten a slight cold since we began eating this way over six months ago and that alone motivates me to continue eating like this permanently (prior to THM eating, one of us would always have some sort of sickness we would bring home to share with the rest of the family).

Kelsey has been so encouraged by her results; she is considering majoring or minoring in nutrition in college and wants to help others achieve the same type of success. We are going back to Disney World at the end of this year and I plan to take another photo with Kelsey to redeem the other one that made me cringe. Between the two of us, we will be almost 75 pounds lighter than the last time we were there!” – Melissa


“Hubby and I started Trim Healthy Mama around July 1st. It was from seeing testimonials about ordinary people from a friend's facebook wall that led me to THM. I wasn't sure I wanted to start another "diet", work hard and then gain it all back however Hubby's weight was scaring me. When it became difficult for him to put his shoes on so he had to always sit in a chair, I became concerned enough to figure something out. I also knew I needed a diet where I didn't have to fix separate meals for the family and us.

I am a very, very busy mama and knew that for this to be successful I was going to have to do my best to not stress over every number. I have the basics of E, S and FP down as described in the book but do not count carbs or calories or anything.

I am super excited to say that Perry has lost 50 pounds and I have lost around 25 pounds. Both of us carried most of our excess weight in our bellies. I am down to the size I thought I wanted to end at, but both of us have decided to take off about 10 more pounds. We talk about how we are going to maintain and NOT GAIN WEIGHT BACK. We are also going to start exercising. The weight loss has been all diet so far. We feel almost every day like we are cheating because the food is so good.

Our lifesavers from the book have been the Fat Stripping Frappa, Skinny Chocolate and Pudding. Our meals consist of mainly a deliciously made protein and vegetables. I'll add in a carb for the kids. I make Gwen's bread once a week too. Hubby calls this the “Eat What My Wife Puts In Front Of Me diet”.

Both of us feel so much better and can't even imagine going back to eating all processed foods. We could name every "diet" we've tried and failed. Our monthly expenses have not increased because we don't purchase all the junk we used to. I do still make regular cookies for the kids and stuff but really limit processed foods.

Hubby and I have been together 27 years. This is the first time that both of us have "stuck to it" and feel like we will continue this eating for the rest of our lives. Thank you Pearl and Serene. We are so thankful the Lord led you to write this book.” - Michelle