Trim Healthy Girl

1SkylerWe received this note from an eleven year old girl named Skyler. She has completely touched our hearts. She is one courageous young lady and we know you’ll want to cheer her along too! Skyler’s mother gave permission for us to share her progress pictures and is so thrilled at the transformation happening in her daughter. Remember, THM is not just for adults. It can be tweaked to suit the needs of people of all ages, help them slim down and nourish up at the same time.

“Hi my name is Skyler and I'm 12 years old. I was born with a Left Hemiparesis which means I have weakness and limited use with my left arm. It also affects my left leg. A friend of the family told me about Trim Healthy Mama and she also helped me get to the YMCA because my mom couldn’t drive. I had been seeing a dietitian on and off for many years and that didn't work for me.

I have been trying to lose weight for a long time but nothing seemed to work.

Last year I did not have many friends. I started having really bad depression. I felt worthless like no one cared. I would call myself fat and ugly and believed it. I would always have a fake smile on my face at school so no one would be concerned. I would even cry myself to sleep at night.

When I started THM I was not sure if it would work but it does!!! I have now lost 101 pounds. My favorite THM foods are Greek yogurt with berries and sweetener. I also love the Pizza casserole on page 327 and my favorite dessert is the Cheesecake Berry Crunch.

I got my WHOLE family sitting down at the table at dinner time and eating healthier foods, even my one year old brother! On the weekends I will chose a recipe from the book each night and make it for dinner and they LOVE all of the meals!!! My 10 year old (Skinny) brother is now eating Zucchini Fries! I’m so proud of myself!! I am exercising every day at school and home.”  – Skyler

*Shared with permission from Skyler’s Mom


“I've been doing THM for over five months with my parents. I've recently turned 18 and I've lost 30lbs! Not quite at my goal weight, but it's a big accomplishment. I find THM to be very doable and I'm very glad that I'm doing it now when I'm young, lol. Knowledge for the future!” -Michaela


LydiaSMALL“Hey y'all! I'm a 19 year old Trim Healthy Not-mama-yet-nor-will-be-any-time-soon who struggles not only with weight, but also body image and self-esteem. I am currently a tap/ballet dance teacher, and also took multiple dance classes with VERY fit people. I would often feel insecure, like I shouldn't be taking dance classes because I looked different. I am tall, have broad shoulders, and I'm muscular in addition to all the excess weight. 

I became obsessed with my appearance, began to hate my body, and viewed myself as less of a person because I wasn't the "Ideal size" for a teen girl. Plus, I've had more than a few nasty comments from people that made me feel disgusting. When I was 17 I started starving myself, which didn't last more than a couple of months. I gained everything back and then some. For a while I would pretend I didn't care about my appearance, but that helped nothing, so I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, get off of my butt and do something.

My mom and I started the THM plan together about two months ago and I couldn't possibly be more grateful for it. I have already lost 28 pounds. I actually care about health now, not just appearance and the way other people see me. My mom and I have gotten so much closer, she is my best friend. I feel so much better about myself, though I still have "those days". 

I want to be healthy because God wants me to be healthy. Why would I want to be anything else? I hope this encourages someone today.

Anyway, here are some before and now pics. I'm not anywhere near my goal, but I'm just that much closer.” – Lydia