Trim Healthy Man

Stephanie'sHusbandSMALL“Just wanna show off my Trim Healthy Man!!! My husband wasn't interested in THM but once I lost 10lbs he said, "Now wait... Tell me more about this..." I am so pleased to say that not only has he lost about 30 pounds, but he also was cleared by his Doctor to quit his blood pressure meds he was required to take!! Yeehaw!

He said he's not finished yet! But when he sent me this pic of the tie he was trying on I thought, Man! My man looks GOOD!

Just sharing for all you ladies that are hoping for changes in your sweet husbands!” – Stephanie.

a1Trim Healthy Mama – well it is not just for Mamas. THM could very well stand for Totally Hot Man… but Trim Healthy Man works too. Karen C is thrilled with the transformation taking place slowly but surely in her own family.

“Hard to believe how far my husband and I have come in six months. SO proud of my husband Daniel who has lost 30 lbs! We have both been slow losing this weight, but have really enjoyed the THM journey! 

I love when I hear him say things like... "Weighed this morning and I was down another pound!" or "I just feel better!" He's about to enjoy this YUMMY Cheeseburger Pie I've made him tonight per his request! Warms my heart to know that I am not only doing right by me - but by him too. Could not be more thankful for THM!!!!”


a1“I first heard of the Trim Healthy Mama book through my sister. I was skeptical because I’d ...done a diet twice that was expensive and very restrictive. I was completely dedicated - did not cheat on this diet and I only lost 10 pounds the first time and not near that the second time. My husband was miserable while I was doing it because I was always in a terrible mood! Plus I gained it all back.

I was very discouraged and basically had given up, but God had other plans for me.

I began seeing different posts about the THM plan on my facebook page. Some were before and after pictures. I started THM at the end of July and to my surprise and delight it works! I now have to wear a belt or my jeans, especially the ones in the first picture will fall down!

I love the food and I am beginning to see the old me before I had children. I feel so energetic and upbeat on THM. I love the Muffin in a Mug. I drink the Shrinker and also think the meat loaf with fajita seasoning in the book is wonderful. Plus the E pancakes and smoothies with whey protein powder and strawberries are a must.

Both my parents are doing the plan and now and so is my sister. It is changing our lives. My dad is the more incredible story. He was overweight, sick and miserable. He was desperate. His heart rate was way down; he had horrible sores on his tongue from the medicine he had to take. He is now doing THM and the change in him is shocking. It is a miracle! It has only been one month for him on plan but his whole mood has changed! He’s dropped weight and he acts like a new man. The picture on the right is him two days ago.

Honestly, I never thought he would ever change. But he came over one day to ask me about the THM plan and try some of the food. He went to my sister over in Idaho and stayed there for a week so she could teach him the plan. He ordered the book for himself! “ – Angelin

a1“Ok, here's my hubby 10 weeks ago and today. He looks like he gave birth! He's such a cute trim healthy papa. He’s lost 28 pounds so far. Best part is, he's type 1 diabetic and his sugars have been the best they've been since he was diagnosed 12 years ago!

He's hoping to encourage other dads/husbands and diabetics to do this plan. He's sipping his Fat Stripping Frappa right now saying "mmmm mmmm, love these things!” He wanted me to mention that before this he was all fast food! He had been near death on many occasions, hospitalized for seizures and ketoacidosis. He is now eating pizzas, burgers, shakes and sandwiches (THM style), but his blood sugars are stable, he's losing weight at a healthy pace and he said he has more energy than he ever has. He's been riding his bike with our 35lb 2 year old strapped to his chest in an ergo for miles and miles almost every day! Yeah, he's Super Dad!

And just for clarity purposes, he hasn't been to the hospital or needed 911 here since we started! Praise God for Pearl and Serene being willing to share this knowledge with us Mamas AND Papas!

About these pictures - he wore that shirt only once and then started gaining. We decided to take the pics in it when he started THM and the plan is for him to fit comfortably in it when he's at goal.”  - Lindsay