Three Weapons to Defeat Plan Failure

Let's get our game on… get in the training ring and go over our battle plan! We're going to find out where we are weak and where those breaches in our defenses lie. We are going to put on our best armor and stand strong against the fearsome foes.


We are talking about the Great Battle of Holiday Cheer. This war is fought in the cool mists of late fall and the icy fronts of winter. We hear from too many Mamas who come back to THM every new year after falling off the wagon in the final “ember” months. They feel awful, sluggish, and defeated. Not this time! Now is the time to get in the ring early and hone our skills! You still have a couple of months to get holiday sharp and battle ready. During these next several weeks before Harvest Day and Thanksgiving, you can become an expert at navigating holiday pitfalls that threaten to derail your THM journey.

Our first foe to overcome is the Sinister Sugar Monster dressed up in cute little snowmen or gingerbread suits… pretending to be as innocent as a fairy godmother. This enemy promises to bestow holiday warm fuzzies, but really only gives you a lump of coal in your conscience and an extra lump around the middle. It leaves unpleasant moods, energy slumps, and serious carb addictions in its wake. The shadows of health darkness it casts, as it rears its ominous head, are anything but merry and joyous. Let's learn to kick this enemy "outta here”.

Another foe to keep a diligent watch out for is the Crafty Calorie Creeper who only tempts with the rich… and the dense… and the heaviest of foods. We don’t have to be calorie counters [shudder]... no way! But that doesn’t mean we should abuse calories! Calorie abuse causes stalls and sometimes even weight gain. This Creeper disdains salads and sippers and non-starchy veggies and doesn't hang with E meals much either. Creeper hangs out in the foothills of the Too Much Cheese, Cream, and Peanut Butter Mountain Range. Be careful with this sly villain, who can look like a friend by using a lot of on-plan recipes to trap you in its snare, but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We are going to fight smart against this creepy meanie and learn to put it in its place… because it does have one, but it is not first place!

Okay, we have named our foes and know how they mean to ensnare us. Now, we battle!

The first and most obvious weapon is replacing health destructing treats with awesome trim, healthy recipes; such as the delightful ones here in this eZine. But we are not going to take time addressing how to do this. Learning how to replace sugar with our on-plan sweeteners, so you can make super awesome mouth watering desserts is probably already a move that you have down. Right? If not, that is all laid out in our Trim Healthy Mama Plan book or in the original Trim Healthy Mama book. Swapping junk for yummy, healthy goodness is THM 101 but today we want to focus on three other top weapons to defeat the enemy... you ready?

The Three Best Weapons Usually Overlooked Are:

  1. Humble Non-Starchie Veggies (namely leafy greens)
  2. All-Day Sippers
  3. Trimmy Lights

“WHAT!!!!!! What you talkin’ ‘bout?? I need me some thick eggnog, heavy pies, cookies, and cakes during fall and winter.... not this green thumb and hydration chit-chat!

Don't worry, Mama! We get that… We want decadent, creamy stuff too and by golly we SHALL be enjoying those sorts of treats. You can still intersperse plenty of pumpkin and cream cheese treats of ooey-gooey goodness into your life. But you must bring in this beautiful balance of dietary goodness that we are encouraging. You won’t be depriving yourself of anything by doing so… only gaining health and vitality - not pounds!

WEAPON NUMBER ONE: Non-Starchy Veggies

They will...

- Fill your plate and your tummy so you don't have to eat small portions.

- Balance your caloric load against all the other holiday heavy THM treats and the odd off-plan meal.

- Help you avoid and even break through stalls.

- Help to balance holiday swinging blood sugars and cravings for junk with lots of water soluble fiber.

- Provide disease-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory plant compounds that will keep your immune system primed during the chilly cold and flu season. Remember, meat has all your essential vitamins bar 1… vitamin C. Greens are literally loaded with vitamin C, so whenever you eat animal products… get you in some greens!

Ways to get your NON-STARCHY VEGGIES in:

- Try some of your meals over salads! This is an excellent way to break stalls and to get oodles of leafy greens in your diet. Now and then you can use store-bought ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing, but that is not the most slimming or effective way to have a salad. Dress your salad with MCT or extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and some stevia-sweetened vinegar… so delish and ultra-slimming. (Be sure to check out our newest FP-style salad dressing, Creamy Mustard Vinaigrette. It’s included with this eZine’s featured recipe Harvest Salad with Chicken and Sweet Potatoes.)

We’re talking big salads here… load up your plate with greens! Have Cowboy Grub over salad… have Lazy Lasagna over salad… you can have just about any meal over a salad! (those recipes are found in the THM Cookbook!)

Trust us… you will begin to love and crave it. Soon you’ll become as addicted as we are. It will take you longer to eat your meal and you will come away from the table feeling more satisfied.

- Take the “Okra Challenge” and try to get this incredible veggie in several times a week. (Some Mamas are shooting for a daily okra dose and seeing fantastic results and breaking through stalls.) You can read about the powerful weight loss and blood sugar regulating powers of okra on page 132 of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Our Secret Big Boy Smoothies are an excellent way to get more okra into your life... a yummy, creamy way. You can find them on page 415 of the THM Cookbook or try the delish Pumpkin Spice Café Secret Big Boy here in this eZine. Try some of the soups in the THM Cookbook like Trim Zuppa Toscana (page 86) or Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup (page 111) or the Trim Train Taco Soup. You can also roast up okra with coconut oil, as a side to your dinner… it’s crispy and amazing!

- Try sautéed veggies with your breakfast. Rather than always opting for a breakfast meat, such as bacon or sausage, with your eggs (which is fine to do occasionally)... try having them with wilted spinach, mushrooms, or finely diced zucchini. So amazingly delicious and your body needs that vitamin C, Mama!


They will...

- Hydrate your body, which curbs the munchies and the snacking monster. Many a Mama reaches for a pick-me-up sugary treat when she feels tired from the beginnings of dehydration. She doesn’t need another snack… she needs fluid!

- Give you a mouthful of delicious holiday flavor to dance around your taste buds and help you to feel treated all day and less likely to binge.

- Provide you with dynamic, superfood value to revitalize your cells.

- Give you great hand-to-mouth action every time you sip… you feel blessed and nondeprived. (Check out our new THM Sipper Glasses, so you can sip in a health-safe and pretty butterfly glass all day long!)

You can find all of our THM All-Day Sippers starting on page 397 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Our original three: Good Girl Moonshine, The Shrinker, and The Singing Canary can also be found in the free recipe section at Also, be sure to try out our Apple Pie Sip and Pumpkin Pie Sip during this fall season!


 They will:

- Offer you incredible, filling power to beef up any meal or snack. Finish your meal with a Trimmy Light (page 428, Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook) and you will feel more soul settled and less needy for rich desserts.

- Rev your metabolism. Trimmaccinos are designed to raise the thermogenic temperature of your body, which helps you burn more fat. Fall is the perfect time to include them as the weather is turning cooler, so let’s make your body hotter!

- Help you through hangriness! We all have days where we can’t seem to wait three hours before eating again. Let’s say you had your afternoon snack but you are still an hour or so away from dinner. Your body is begging you for something.

Whip up a Trimmy Light such as the hot chocolate version in the THM Cookbook (page 430). You’ll feel settled enough to make it to dinner and will be less likely to make unwise, off-plan choices due to “hangry”

- Bring balance to your fall season. While there is definitely a place for coffee laced with heavy cream on-plan, if you have not yet switched over to .. or at least started to include some of them in your life, you are missing out! No, Trimmies are not mandatory on-plan, but some of us sabotage our health and weight loss goals by overdoing heavy cream.

With upcoming treat season, you’ll likely be eating more creamy desserts... so here is where balance must reign. Instead of both heavy cream and cream cheese in your dessert and in your coffee… Trimmy-up your coffee and you won’t be overdoing the cream! Let’s be honest, store-bought, ultra-pasteurized cream is not necessarily a superfood. You can have too much.

This is where the Trimmy shines… it allows you to have delicious, creamy, hot drinks based in wisdom rather than in excess. You can find all of our Trimmy recipes starting on page 427 of the THM Cookbook, but please enjoy our new Autumn Spiced Trimmy. It’s brand new to this eZine. Be sure to check out our Trim Tips area for a Prep Ahead Trimmy Mix and take the 30-Day Trimmy Light Challenge. The 30-Day Trimmy Light Challenge will help you defeat plan failure.

(Note: We are emphasizing the Trimmy Light over the Trimmy Rich during this upcoming season since it is more likely you will be indulging in richer desserts. The “Light” is what brings the balance. They also work with E and FP meals, so no over thinking required. However, you can still feel free to enjoy the Trimmy Rich within S-mode, too - with some of your S meals or snacks.)

Final Thoughts:

There you have it… your three most powerful weapons against holiday health failure. Start practicing now… at your very next meal! Hone these skills and they will help you not only through this coming season, but through the rest of your life. Notice we put non-starchy veggies as your number one weapon. That was not happenstance.

While Sippers and Trimmies can be a great help, you can easily do the plan without them. You can’t do THM without your veggies! We tried to place a great emphasis on leafy greens and other veggies in our books, but sometimes they get forgotten when people start to realize all the yummy treats they can have on-plan.

Mamas… you want success? Keep in your veggies… especially leafy greens, as we keep harping. Try to get some at every meal, if you can, especially in this season of heavy eating. Hey, of course, we can all enjoy our on-plan cheesecake and dig into the succulent cranberry pie, but do all that and forget to place emphasis on veggies? That’s when problems arise. You want leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast?

Have at it! But make sure you get some non-starchies in during your next meal. We love you and leave you with these tools of success for end of year eating!