Featured Blogger:

Our featured blogger this edition is Jaque, the "RunAmok Mama!" Wife, Homeschooling Mama, Natural-Rearing Breeder, Business Entrepreneur, Trim Healthy Mama Community Assistant and Food Blogger... just to name a few "hats" she wears. * You can find loads of delicious, THM-friendly recipes at www.runamokmama.com.

I'll Pencil That Into My Schedule:

I come by the name "RunAmok Mama" honestly, and I find myself yearning for a 36 hour day, most days. As such, I will admit to a bit of laughter when Trim Healthy Mama asked me to be their "Featured Blogger" for this edition -- because my schedule is near-comical! Bloggers featured before me shared beautiful testimonies and lovely creations! My heart raced and my head filled with thrilling recipes and humorous stories I could contribute! To do appropriate justice to this honor would require ample time and extraordinary planning... [insert balloons bursting, children crying, puppies howling] Here's the deal: This mama doesn't have time for extraordinary planning, and I am betting I am in good company... as the THM Community Assistant, I know I am! Newcomers often fret about selecting meals, scheduling menus, shopping and mealtime preparations. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to procrastination... and pounds gained instead of lost. No good! Take it from someone who has been there - The sooner you begin, the sooner you will experience success!

Let's Simplify:

Too many people over-complicate things by bringing dieting "baggage" to the THM table. The fear of failure is also very real... Relax. The Plan is actually quite simple, and you can learn as you go! So shake off that pressure and worry, because this is an awesome journey! You are eating daily, right? Yup, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. Now, how you are currently surviving may not be ideal, but reality is you do have enough time to eat delicious, nourishing, waistline-friendly THM snacks, meals, and desserts. I promise.

A Small Amount of Planning Will Save Loads of Stress:

Planning for your success really doesn't take much time, but can make all the difference... 1. Some just wing it! I see plenty of success stories in the Facebook groups to make this a viable option... but this approach honestly doesn't work for everyone - and can lead to extreme frustration. 2. Others sit down and plan out their first few days or weeks. "Runamok Mama's THM Made Easy" details a methodical, "robot-mode" approach to THM and appeals to many as you can learn by doing. The best part? The planning takes very little time yet yields terrific results! An option which has revolutionized planning altogether was not available when I started THM. The Trim Healthy Membership site (TrimHealthyMembership.com) offers an exclusive menu builder and shopping list generator. Members simply browse through hundreds of delicious recipes and use a drag and drop feature to select their meals, snacks, etc. This automatically updates a shopping list which saves an incredible amount of time each week! Whatever you do... SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS, NOT FAILURE! Experimenting with a new ingredient or exotic flavor every week or two can be fun, however I would caution against recklessly veering outside your comfort-zone when you are already "hangry!" 

When choosing new recipes, start with ones similar to your current diet and slowly expand out from there, otherwise the new tastes and textures may overwhelm and frustrate you. In other words, if your typical diet is rather bland, do not expect to love something called, "Scorched Wings with Jalapeño Lava Dip"! 

In like fashion, do not tackle a recipe which is more complicated than your schedule generally allows for. If you want to play with a new cooking style, or a new kitchen gadget, do so when you have some extra time, and make sure you are not already hungry.

Why Do I Blog THM Content Exclusively?

While it may be possible someday to find a rogue recipe on my blog, my focus is Trim Healthy Mama for good reason. Looking back on a lifetimes of failed "diets" and chronic health issues, I came to this program out of sheer desperation. I pray this will instill hope if you have been struggling! My Trim Healthy Mama Journey... read all about it on my blog!

Fall is in the air:

Busy schedule notwithstanding, we still want to enjoy all the wonders of harvest season! Depending upon availability, our family will usually harvest: pears, apples, plums, raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries, and more during the late summer and into fall. Most of these are dried, frozen or made into jams to enjoy during the cold months.

Some of our fall favorites included on my blog:

Some of my family’s favorite THM-friendly recipes from some of my blogger friends!

Fall is in the Air Recipe Roundup.

Wishing you all much success in your journeys!


"The RunAmok Mama"