From Our Homes to Yours: Pearl & Serene

Welcome to our 11th edition of the Trim Healthy Living eZine. We’re celebrating the beginning of fall in our Tennessee woods, the air is hinting of that wonderful autumn crispness and the leaves are teasing of the beautiful changes to come. It is time to enjoy the tastes and aromas of fall weather eating… our favorite time of year! As a Trim Healthy Mama, you don’t have to deny yourself one autumn burst of taste delight! You can dive deeply into pumpkin spiced treats and drinks. The THM plan is a celebration of food. Wow, do we have some delicious recipes for you to ramp up your “Food Freedom” party a notch or two! Enjoy five new recipes straight from THM headquarters to your kitchen. Try our Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake, our Pumpkin Spice Cafe Secret Big Boy, our Autumn Spiced Trimmy, our Harvest Salad with Chicken and Sweet Potatoes, and our Creamy Spinach Artichoke Soup. Oh, you are going to love the Creamy Spinach Artichoke Soup! It is a warm and hearty soup that will be perfect as the weather starts to get nippy outside. Best of all, it doesn’t require any special ingredients! This eZine is chock... we mean CHOCK FULL to the brim! Our encouragement article to you, Three Weapons to Defeat Plan Failure, is a must read. We arm you with the best ways to fight against falling off-plan, stalls, and stagnation.

Let’s Talk Sales, New Products, and Shipping!

We never bring you an eZine without exciting sales or new launches. In this issue we have both! We are frequently asked for more sales, but we are still a young company and sales tend to wipe us out of inventory. Because of that, we haven’t been able to do them too often. But, wow, do we have a doozy for you to celebrate the beginning of fall! All of our top five THM products are on sale for just 48-hours… these are: Integral Collagen, Pristine Whey Protein Powder, Super Sweet Blend, Gentle Sweet and Baking Blend. And if that were not enough… we are bringing back the sale on our best selling Orange Silk Hydrating Cream with 2 Spünjes. This is our all-natural (even edible, it is so natural) skin care cream that does healing wonders for your skin, along with the gentle exfoliating konjac Spünj. If you have not yet tried the combination of the two of these on your face… you are missing out on a rejuvenating protocol for your skin. And by popular demand we are also bringing back the deep discounts we once had for the Eczema Powerhouse and Absolute Gourmet Skin Food kits. Also, our new aromatherapy sprays that you can use in your home, and on your face and body, are also included in the sale. Check out the video below for all the different way these sprays can be useful.

Growing Pains:

The growth of Trim Healthy Mama has been extraordinary and behind the scenes we have been busy making many changes trying to keep up. The web server we started on could no longer handle the high volume traffic that comes into our website every day. Any sales that we would have would shut it down. (You may have had some experience with that in the past, if you tried to order during a sale.) We have recently moved to our own private server. Our hope is that things will be much smoother for you during this sale on this new server. If you have any issues with your orders, please email [email protected]. Should any problems arise, you won’t be able to reach anyone over the phone during this two-day sale. However, your emails will be returned very promptly. Our customer service team is ready and waiting. Be gentle with them… we are blessed to have the most precious people for this job. They really want to make you happy and will do their absolute best to get your orders right and problems resolved.


You’ll notice that our shipping prices are improving. We have never charged for shipping… only passed along what it costs us. We are not a shipping company. We pay shipping companies to ship your goods and we have never made a dime on that. In fact, we pay part of the handling. As we’ve grown, and qualified for better shipping prices, we have always passed those discounts along to our customers. We now have a new two-part plan to get prices even further down and part one goes live today! Behind the scenes, changes to our website and server now allows us to offer you more shipping options. You can now choose from the least expensive shipment option, which takes a little longer to get to you, but will suit our very budget-conscious mamas. Want speedier delivery? We have fantastic, faster options for that too. Part two will be rolled out over the next few months. We will soon have three fulfillment centers around the country, rather than just the one here in Tennessee. That will make it less expensive to ship from say... Tennessee to California. West coast people will have better prices as will east coast and central folk. Can’t wait for this to happen for you!

Launch Time. We Did Say “Launch” - Not “Lunch!"

Drum roll! Time to release two new exciting THM products that we have been working on for well over a year now. Our Sipper Glasses and beautiful THM Tote Bags are here! We all needed a quart-sized jar for our Good Girl Moonshine, Shrinker, Singing Canary (and, of course, the Pumpkin Pie Sip and the Apple Pie Sip during this fall season) that fits into our vehicle’s cup holders. We could find smaller ones to fit in the car, but we looked and looked for a full-quart and couldn’t find such a thing anywhere. So we decided to take the plunge and design it ourselves. The result is a beautiful, tall and sturdy glass that is perfect for sipping trimming goodness all day long, whether at home or out and about. We used glass because we don’t want you drinking any healing THM drinks out of plastic. Even BPA-free plastic contains toxins that aren’t good for you. Glass is safe and time tested to hold up to all sorts of drink ingredients, even apple cider vinegar. Your sipper glass is dishwasher safe and wrapped in beautiful silicone butterflies, which helps prevent it from slipping out of your hand. It contains a shaker ball (in case you want to make a quick protein drink using whey protein powder and you don’t want to drag out the blender) and an extra-long silicone straw. It comes in three colors: THM blue, pink, and lime green. Get one or get all three!

So many of you have told us that you’d love a THM tote bag and so we got to work on that starting close to two years ago now. Finally, the totes are here and they are gorgeous! They are of the highest quality, practical, and like no other tote you will have ever owned. We designed it not just for looks, but to help you stay on-plan when you’re out and about. It has an insulated pocket, designed to hold your THM Sipper Glass or any quart-sized mason jar that is filled with your THM drink of choice. Or, you could even use the pouch for baby bottles, etc. The next ingenious surprise (if we say so ourselves) is a large, insulated pouch for food! Yes… you can now pack wonderful, trimming snacks (or even a meal or two) and keep them in your THM Tote without need of a refrigerator! Just get a little ice pack from your local 99 cent store and throw it in there with your food and you are good to go all day long. Whether you are a working mama, or a stay at home mama on the run, or even a student… this tote can be your best THM friend! It is large and roomy! Not only do we take it shopping, but we use it for overnight stays, airplane travel, and even on the beach!

Checkout the video below of us… ahem… modeling the totes and explaining all the details on both the totes and sippers.

And… just because we are the “go big or go home” types… today we also launch our THM Measuring Spoons! No more looking for doonks! The doonk is part of the 7-piece spoon set, ranging from 1/32 of a teaspoon all the way up to 1 tablespoon. We didn’t forget the 1/8 teaspoon or the 1/2 tablespoon. These sturdy, stainless steel spoons are all stamped with our beautiful blue butterfly logo and will help make your recipe creations less of a challenge. You have to check out our wacky and ridiculous infomercial below about these spoons and why you want them in your life!

What’s New in the Trim Healthy Membership Site?

We just uploaded over twenty (20!) new videos in the THM TV area… well, that’s not really true…. maybe we’ll call them “old” videos. Perhaps we should just call them “Vintage Videos“! You see, we filmed these never-seen-before videos not long after we released our original THM book. At that time, we had no budget whatsoever! So, after viewing them, we decided to never release them and film other videos with proper lighting and sound, etc.

Recently we thought, “what the heck”, let’s just share them! The videos may be low-budget, but we had a lot of fun making them and you can learn a lot by watching.

You can learn how to dye your hair naturally in Serene’s Purist Primp and Preen Show”. We also make a bunch of delish recipes and we take your questions in “Coffee and Questions with Serene and Pearl”… the original! You can even watch “Super-Prepared Girl” - a mini superhero movie where Serene wears a THM cape and saves the day when there’s nothing healthy to eat!

The Stubborn Loser’s Menu 3 is also up and it is geared for busy, working outside the home mamas (or stay-at-home mamas) that are left without a lot of time for meal preparation. We have also uploaded the original THM book’s hormone chapters and the supplement chapter into the Membership site.

The chats on Main Street are hopping these days inside the Trim Village! If you want a safe, non-Facebook environment to chat all things THM… come on in to Main Street and be inspired and encouraged!

Your Life-Saving Prayers:

We want to thank every one of you who prayed for Isaiah and Arden (Serene’s sons). Both almost lost their lives several weeks ago. We know there were tens of thousands of you praying and God heard... now there are miracles to share!

If you have not heard, Isaiah, Serene’s 20-year old son was in a car wreck after visiting his brother Arden, to pray for him. (Arden was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in the early summer of this year, just a few weeks after he was married.) Isaiah’s injuries were so grave, nobody was sure he would survive the first 24-hours and then he was in a coma for the first week. He lost an ear, but they later found it and sewed it back on. His spine was broken in three places and his arms and legs were cut to the point where the medical community working on him had doubts he would regain use of them again.

Most concerning of all was his brain trauma. The doctors said there are three levels of brain swelling - mild, moderate, and severe. Sadly, Isaiah had severe and we were told he would never wake up and that if he did - he would probably be confined to a nursing home.

But, our Heavenly Father is mighty and merciful. We understand not everyone who does THM professes to Christianity (all are welcome to do this plan with us, whether Christian or not), but we cannot keep silent and not praise Him for miracles when they happen right before us!

Isaiah Is Now Walking!

isaiahHe is able to speak, laugh, and love on his family. His doctors are bewildered, but happy. This is less than a month after his accident! He arrived home two days ago to be with his Mom and Dad for extra care, since he cannot return to work for several months. God is great!

We ask that you continue to keep Isaiah in your prayers. He has had some frontal lobe memory issues, but we are praying and believing for full brain restoration!

Please continue to keep Arden in your prayers. At the same time as Isaiah was in the trauma ward at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Arden was in the ICU at the same hospital. He developed a severe infection and fluid around his heart. Serene spent her time between visiting both boys. Thankfully, Arden is back at home now and is infection-free and responding well to treatment.

For your encouragement on how to stay on-plan during chaotic times, here is a message that Serene wrote in Main Street chats right after Arden was released from the hospital and Isaiah was moved to rehab:

"I'm back again… thanks to all of you for all your prayers, messages of encouragement, and understanding of my absence from this site. I was spending most of my time up at the hospital with both of my boys, but am back home having a few days reprieve. God is beyond faithful and we are seeing miracles taking place in both situations.

I kept a cooler bag packed with iced Healing Trimmies (matcha was my fave, which provided relaxing energy) and superfood kefir smoothies and superfood chews, and baggies of crunchy, fresh celery. My purse was daily re-stuffed with zippies of raw almonds and 85% dark chocolate. This little cooler bag and my purse of goodies helped me stay on-plan, even though this emotional tornado-like season kept raging fast and furious. I knew that my mind, body, and emotions needed this nutritional support and it was not a time to throw in the towel. We often would not get home til after midnight, but my blood sugar kept nice and stable and the constant supply of nourishment stopped me from feeling run down and completely crashing.

I say all this to encourage anyone out there who may be walking through a roller coaster season, where life seems way out of your control, and sticking to THM seems too hard. Grabbing food in the drive thru and being comforted by a large bowl of ice cream seems more doable. But, these crazy times are the times we need to stick with it even more than usual. It isn’t hard to choose healthy….and choose life-giving, energy-surging foods. It isn’t too much to take a few minutes to pack a little lunch tote of healthy, quick snacks that take only minutes to prepare. It is waaaaaaaay harder to try and walk through these seasons on a sugar crash and denying your body that much needed extra-nurturing, healthy fuel. It is waaaaay harder to feel miserable in your body while you are trying to rise above the miserable thoughts that are assailing you.

You can do it, Mamas! You can change your paradigm to see tough times as times to stand firmly in the things you have learned about supporting your health.
Beyond my healthy bag of treats, the thing that really supported me and continues to lift me above the crashing waves of this stormy season is that perfect love of God that casts out ALL fear. His peace is the kind that passes all understanding and comes in the storm - not like the peace of the world that comes as a relief when the skies are clear and it is all over. Clinging to Jesus and standing on His many promises, like the one that says that He makes “...ALL things work together for good to them that love God...”, has been my true anchor.

I believe that we can find our haven of rest in Him, while the storm rages on. This morning as my Bible lay open next to me, while I ate my omelet stuffed with LOADS of non-starchy veggies, I read the 10th verse of Isaiah 11. At the end of the verse it says….."and his rest shall be glorious”. I smiled, as I highlighted it, as I know firsthand this glorious rest of soul that is impossible to receive from anything earthly."