Trim Healthy Naturals

Hey! Can You Smell That Smell?

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car or workshop, the plugins and sprays that you’ve been told fight odors, also war against your very health. Our senses are under constant assault and it’s important that you be aware of the high level of toxicity in the products that you might be using to fight unwanted odors.

Without naming brands and manufacturers, we can tell you with certainty that most promoted odor fighters contain neurotoxins - namely those found in the phthalate group. DEP and DBP (Derived Endocrine Disruptors and Dibutyl Phthalate) are the two most common. According to many studies, including a blockbuster article by Time Magazine, they may cause cancer, sex-hormone abnormalities, and decreased fertility. Plug-in “deodorizers” don’t fare any better and might be worse... although the scientific community hasn’t settled the long-term exposure effects as a whole. Suffice it to say, there are many harmful chemicals in these products and they should be avoided.

Enough of the bad news, right? Well, like all of our other products, we went searching for an answer. When we couldn’t find anything up to our over-the-moon standards, we developed our own set of three aromatherapy sprays that are super pure, super simple, and completely natural. Our CinnaMint, Luscious Lavender, and Happy Day Citrus sprays are chock-full of the purest essential oils on the planet. Like our other natural products, they contain no water and, of course, no harmful chemicals at all! Serene and Pearl love to call these their “Body and Potty” sprays! It’s quite fitting because they’re amazing in so many ways.

Our aromatherapy sprays are a blend of nature’s most invigorating essential oils! These blends have so many amazing uses that it’s hard to know where to begin. We use nature’s finest ingredients to craft the most therapeutic aromatherapy blends available. They are perfect as aromatherapy misters, cloth deodorizers, vapor barriers, air fresheners, or refreshing body sprays. All delivered without any harmful chemicals or propellants.

(Please be sure to test on a small area first and avoid contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas.)