Testimony Time!

Kathleen Marrero:

Kathleen is a proud wife to an active duty soldier, Jeff, who is stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. They share two sons, Noble and Candor. Kathleen is a recent honor graduate of Ottawa University. She majored in English and aspires to become a high school English teacher. Currently, she works in a daycare center as a co-teacher. In her spare time Kathleen enjoys watching movies with her family, running, lifting weights, reading fiction, writing various forms of literature, and trying new coffee/tea recipes. Sharing giggles and snuggles with her family bring her the greatest joy.

Kathleen is the niece to Pam G., who was featured in the 5th edition of Trim Healthy Living. Pam has lost more than 100 pounds on Trim Healthy Mama! Her testimony can be found here on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook fan page.

I have never felt so free and comfortable being me until very recently. In high school I ran cross country and track, and also lifted weights. The food I ate then did not seem to make an impact on my figure due to the amount of consistent exercise I was participating in. Vigorous exercise and counting calories had always been my go-to in order to lose weight. When I became a busy wife who was pre-occupied with work and college I was no longer able to exercise regularly. I also could not count calories anymore because I was not eating enough to function. Something needed to change, but I still did not know what to do about my health.

In December of 2011 I learned I was pregnant with our first child. During my pregnancy I did the best I knew how in order to have a “healthy” pregnancy. My beautiful son was born in August of 2012, but I had difficult time seeing the dramatic changes in my figure. Even though I was thrilled to be blessed with a child, I could not stop myself from feeling defeated by the reflection in the mirror. I researched “vegan” diets believing that it would be the answer to a slimmer, healthier me. In my heart I knew it was not the right way, but my mind was not persuaded.

For a year I tried to come to terms with the idea of never feeling beautiful again. I tried to convince myself that never being happy with my body would be ok. Then something life-altering occurred. July 2014 I was shocked to discover a photo of a radically leaner version of my Aunt Pam. She had discovered Trim Healthy Mama and had lost eighty pounds at the time (she has since lost over one hundred pounds)! I wanted to learn more, but was still hesitant that it would work for me. After contacting her I realized that this was my last hope. This was the only practical solution.

Immediately I threw away every off plan ingredient in my home or set it aside for donations if it was unused. I ordered the Kindle version of the original book so that I could have it as soon as possible. Next I ordered Trim Healthy Mama sweetener because I knew if I was to be successful on this plan I needed to deter my sweet tooth. One of our first meals was homemade spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash noodles. I could not believe it was on-plan! Could this delicious and savory meal really help me lose weight and become healthier? The answer was of course was “yes”!

I started at 172 pounds and a tight size eight jean. I no longer weigh myself, but the last time I weighed I was 148. Depending on the brand of jean I am a solid size four or a two! My original goal was to weigh the magical number of 145. I am quite certain I am right at that number or below it. My main goal was to wear a size six, but I surpassed that unexpectedly!

Even when I had little to no time for food preparation and baking, I could still stick to the plan. Eggroll in a Bowl (Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, p. 62), Cheeseburger Pie (Original Trim Healthy Mama book, p. 326; Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, p. 149), and Bagel Dogs (Primitive Palate) are my quick S meal go-tos. My favorite E meal entrée is Baked Greek Chicken (Budget Bytes). (Note: I use one tbsp of olive oil and this keeps the fat well in the E realm, when divided amongst the recipe.)

As a self-proclaimed cookie monster I never thought I would be able to find a chocolate chip cookie recipe that would compare to the sinfully sweet cookies I had once loved, but then I found the perfect chocolate chip recipe! (Savvy Homemaking) Now for my birthday I can still have my coveted cookie cake, but it isn’t the version by “Great American Cookie” that will leave you feeling deathly ill afterward. Briana Thomas has a recipe that is divine (Briana’s House Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookie), and makes the perfect birthday cookie cake!

This past July I have been on plan for two years. Within these years I have found love and grace for myself that I had never known before. I no longer look at my image with disgust or embarrassment. Instead, I feel relieved. I am relieved to know that I will not contract type-2 diabetes, like many of my family members. I am relieved to know that I have the energy to run, dance, and play with my children. I am relieved to know that my body is fueled the way that God intended.

This plan was much more than a path to weight loss for me. It was a journey to find happiness with myself. I am no longer ashamed of myself or my body. I do not feel compelled to delete priceless family pictures because I have an unflattering muffin top. My life has been changed in so many positive ways due to Trim Healthy Mama. I am happier and healthier. I am finally comfortable in my own skin. Confidence and joy have been gained, while inches and pounds have been lost forever. Genuinely, thank you, Pearl and Serene!