Trim Tips!

For Both the Purists & Drive-Thru Sues

We are now in the getting back-to-school season, getting back-to-work and no more summer vacation season, and just all around... back-in-the-groove season! And for a few who got derailed over summer, it’s the getting back-on-plan season. If that is you, welcome back to the green pastures of THM. It is your returning that will be your success. Don’t let shame and self-loathing defeat you. Practicing your come back will get you all the way to your goals and beyond!

Whether you are working outside the home and pressed for time or a stay-at-home Mama in a busy season of life... we’ve got some Trim Tips that are sure to help. We’re going to give you some ideas on things that you can prep ahead and you’ll reap the benefits during the week when you’re busy. We also have a quick method for preparing Slim Belly Jelly and a quick and easy recipe for a homemade version of pumpkin pie spice.

We talked about being sure to get in more non-starchy veggies, especially leafy greens, in our encouragement article of this edition of the eZine, Three Weapons to Defeat Plan Failure. Salad does not have to be fancy. Putting salad underneath your meal as our article suggests can be as simple as ripping a bunch of romaine up and tossing it on your plate... there... done! We don’t get all snobbish about making sure you eat all organic if you cannot afford it, but do try to spend just one dollar more for organic leafy greens versus non- organic.

But you can certainly have more varied salads if that sounds too boring for you. One of the best ways to eat more salads during the week is to prep many of the ingredients ahead of time. It’s truly a game changer to have the ability to create seriously delicious salads...the kind that everyone wants to eat!

Prep-Ahead Veggies:

Start by washing, slicing, chopping, and storing all your fresh salad ingredients. Store
them either in baggies or containers, whichever will be the easiest for you.

Roast several sheet pans of veggies that can be warmed quickly to use as quick side dishes during the week. The Harvest Salad with Chicken and Sweet Potatoes recipe that is featured here in this eZine can be one of those mid-week meals that comes together quickly if you have the sweet potatoes done up ahead of time.

Prep Ahead Roasted Sweet Potatoes (E)
-  3 to 4 cups of peeled, cubed sweet potatoes
-  1 Tbsp of coconut oil
-  1 tsp onion powder
-  1 tsp mineral salt
-  1 tsp paprika (smoked paprika is nice, but regular will work too)
-  sprinkle of black or cayenne pepper

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
2. Cube the sweet potatoes and put them into a mixing bowl. Add melted coconut oil and mix well with your hands, being sure to evenly coat the pieces. Add spices and stir to distribute.
3. Pour onto a baking tray. Bake for 30 min or until they are softened and slightly browned. (You may want to stir them once or twice during baking.) Towards the end of the baking time you might want to turn the broiler on to get them a little more browned and crispy on the outside.
4. Once cooled, store in the refrigerator until needed.

Prep-Ahead Wraps:

The Wonder Wraps (THM Cookbook, pages 204-205) are great to cook up and have stored in the refrigerator to fill however you like.

Rebekah L. shared with the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook groups a fabulous new wrap that she’s come up with and she’s letting us share it here with you! These simple, flexible wraps hold together well and are so nice to have ready made in the refrigerator. They make a great grab-and-go meal or snack at anytime!

Each recipe makes one wrap. Rebekah says that she has each ingredient sitting to the side and mixes up the next wrap as the last is cooking.

Oat Fiber Wrap (FP)
-  2 Tbsp oat fiber
-  1 tsp glucomannan
-  1/2 tsp psyllium husk
-  1 pinch of mineral salt
-  4 Tbsp water

1. Mix dry ingredients in a small mixing bowl.
2. Add water and mix. It will quickly set up.
3. Form into a ball and flatten.
4. Roll between 2 sheets of plastic wrap until thin and flat.
5. Cook on a heated, dry cast iron griddle. (Something else may work, but this is what Rebekah uses and it works well.)
6. Cook on one side until dry enough to flip and then turn and cook on the other side.
7.  Once cooled, you can store them in the refrigerator in a gallon-sized storage bag.
For a coconut flour version and light-rye version of Rebekah’s Oat Fiber Wraps, visit her blog at

Prep-Ahead Trimmy Mix:

Our Three Weapons to Defeat Plan Failure article also talks about how the Trimmy can be a powerful foe against stalls and other trip ups. Want to take the 30-Day Trimmy Light Challenge with us? This Prep Ahead Trimmy Mix is perfect for this challenge as it makes up 30-days worth of three of the major ingredients. This simple tip can keep you on track those mornings you’re having to rush out the door and can’t take time to get all the ingredients together. Be sure to check out our newest Trimmy recipe, Autumn Spiced Trimmy, that is featured in this eZine edition!

Prep Ahead Trimmy Mix (30-Day Supply):
-  3/4 cup Integral Collagen
-  3/4 cup Pristine Whey Protein Powder
-  3 Tbsp Simply Sunflower Lecithin

1. Place the ingredients in a jar or container that has a lid. Shake or whisk to mix the ingredients.
2. This mix can be used in any of our Trimmy recipes by using 2 slightly rounded tsp of the mix to replace the collagen, whey, and sunflower lecithin in the recipe.

Slim Belly Jelly Quick Tip:

The Slim Belly Jelly recipe has long been a THM community favorite since it first appeared in the original Trim Healthy Mama book. Barbara D. has come up with a “Quick Method”. Barbara loves the fact that the only thing she has to wash out is her blender’s canister.

Slim Belly Jelly (FP)

-  1.5 cups water
-  2.5 cups frozen berries
-  2 Tbsp lemon juice (or, 2 to 3 drops essential lemon oil)
-  3 to 4 doonks Pure Stevia Extract 
(or 2.5 to 3.5 tsp Super Sweet Blend, or 5 to 7 tsp Gentle Sweet)
-  3/4 to 1.5 tsp glucomannan

slim-belly-jelly-quick-method-3“Quick Method” Instructions:
1. Put all ingredients into your *blender except for 1.5 cups of the berries. (Barbara used 
the entire 1.5 tsp of glucomannan.) *Please see Recipe Notes below.
2. Turn the blender on high and let it go for about 5 minutes or until the mixture is thick 
and almost boiling.
3. When the jelly has reached the consistency you want, pour out the mixture onto the remaining 1 cup of berries and stir.

Recipe Notes:

*Please note that Barbara uses a Vitamix blender that has the ability to heat contents up. If you do not have a Vitamix blender, you could still try this quick method by using water that is “just off the boil”. Vitamix users can also consider using water “just off the boil” as it would decrease the blender’s run time.

Homemade Harvest Spice:

Jaque from “RunAmok Mama” is our Featured Blogger for this issue of the Trim Healthy Living eZine. Be sure to read her encouraging article that includes some great tips on setting yourself up for plan success and not failure.

RunAmok Mama's Harvest Spice replaces store-bought pumpkin pie spice and Jaque is sharing the recipe here with us. Jaque says: “RunAmok Mama's Harvest Spice melds fresh, deep, comforting fall flavors and takes your favorite baked goods and savory dishes to that next-level-deliciousness. Pumpkin, apple, and peach pies will entice! Cobblers, crisps, crumbs, cookies, muffins, and tarts will tantalize! Spiced Shrinkers, Sippers, coffee, and tea will warm tummies and soothe souls...”

HARVEST SPICE (FP): (yields 1/3 cup)
-  3 Tbsp ground cinnamon
-  2.5 tsp ground ginger
-  2 tsp ground nutmeg
-  1.5 tsp ground allspice
-  1 tsp ground cloves

1. Measure all spices into a clean container, place lid on tightly, then shake until spices 
are thoroughly mixed.
2. Use in place of "pumpkin" spice.
3. Store in a glass jar, in a cool, dark cupboard.